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Advanced Blasting Pro uses various types of media in both wet and dry applications to get you the results you want.  Whether removing graffiti from a workplace fence or partnering you to restore that '57 Chevy back to its original glory, we have the cutting-edge technology and experience to get the results your project deserves.


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​​We Love to Clean Dirty Surfaces

Advanced Blasting Pro crews come to work smiling and are happy to clean or prepare surfaces for a customer's project.  They have a passion for blasting clean and preparing surfaces to meet your needs.  Our blasting crews are fully qualified to work on your project.

Leave it to Us

Advanced Blasting Pro in Albuquerque knows that doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out.  Rely instead on Advanced Blasting Pro's knowledge and experience in restoring your property, equipment or vehicle.  Your project is in the best of hands.

We Truly Care

Advanced Blasting Pro knows that the right care extends the life of any piece of property, equipment or vehicle. We bring cutting-edge techniques and equipment to the table every time.


Our Promise to You

Advanced Blasting Pro teams promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of project size or difficulty.   We truly live by our slogan:  

We can restore, strip, clean or prepare any surface .

Albuquerque,  New Mexico 87107

Looking for a blasting service you can trust?   A blasting service you can trust with your vehicle's restoration?  Your graffiti removal?  Your rust removal?  Looking for a blasting service that wants exactly what you want -- a job done to your complete, 100% guaranteed satisfaction?  Look no further -- Advanced Blasting Pro -- is that company.

The ABP Team takes pride in a job well done and it shows.  Many clients are long-standing repeat customers and many have been referred to us.  Bottom line?  We're not happy unless you're happy and we'll prove it to you.

With multiple-sized blasting booths, bays and cabinets, Advanced Blasting Pro can not only take your jobs back to their factory-prepared surfaces, it can then prime and paint those projects to glossy, finished perfection.  Advanced Blasting Pro has been serving Albuquerque and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.    Our professional blasters and painters have more than 72 years combined experience!  No wonder Advanced Blasting Pro is the number one choice for blasting and restoration projects in New Mexico.


And, one more thing.......


.............not only does Advanced Blasting Pro provide a project driven service, it's a project maintenance driven company as well!  Let the ABP Team put you on its regular maintenance route for graffiti monitoring and removal.  If we find graffiti, we'll time-stamp the discovery photo, remove the offending tag and include a photo for you of a job well done.

Advanced Blasting Pro can keep your properties and their surrounding walls and fence lines exactly as you need them to be --- professional and presentable at all times.  That's the ABP Team difference.

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